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Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future

So you know it keeps me hanging around.

15 June 1985
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A Creature of a most unusual hue Draconium Peludraxia I'm an artist, I'm a retail slave, I'm a lot of things, most of which I'm not allowed to say in polite or mixed company.

A Little Slice of Insanity...

In this journal you will find my ravings, rants, opinions, every day adventures, and of course, from time to time, my art. I'm a bit shy, so I'll only add you if I know you, sorry.And know that I'm rather boring. You were warned.

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cycle_of_fire (WIP) A story Daroneasa and I have been working on for years now, This is it's future home.
malik_gahdrae This is Malik Gahdrae's journal, one of my favorite characters, hasn't been updated in a while ^^;;

Dragon Cave
My Dragon Cave Incubator
Yes I'm a nerd but it's fun.

My Flitty

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This is my Flitty Paccu, He watches over my journal and keeps all would-be trespassers off the property...that and he eats trolls, mwhahahaha! *pets him* He was made by reiko_sazanami